Racist earthenware clay pot Donald Trump told an audience Monday he’d make a better president than sweaty Marco Rubio because Rubio “looks like he just came out of a swimming pool.”

“Marco Rubio, who stood with me — he was with me when he had the meltdown. And I’m telling you it wasn’t a pretty sight,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Greenville, South Carolina Monday.

“He was soaking wet, I’m telling you. He was wet. I say, ‘What the hell is going on over here?’ I thought he just came out of a swimming pool. He was soaking. I looked, I said, ‘Wow.’ I said, ‘Are you OK?’”

Trump expressed further concern that Vladmir Putin would never deign to negotiate with a sweaty man—only an orange one.

“When we get in there with Putin, we need people that don’t sweat, let me tell you. No, it’s true. Got to have people that don’t sweat,” Trump said. “Can you imagine Putin sitting there and waiting for the meeting and this guy walks in and he’s like a wreck. No, you got to have Trump walk into that meeting folks, we’ll do very nicely. We’re going to do very nicely.”

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s incredible that Donald Trump, of all people, is commenting on Marco Rubio’s appearance. It is not. He’s been trolling the dewy senator for months, even sending Rubio’s campaign a case of Trump Ice Water and two towels accompanied by a very rude note, “Since you’re always sweating, we thought you could use some water. Enjoy!”

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