According to the New York Post, Donald Trump commutes to campaign events in Iowa from Manhattan, so that he can stay involved in the family business—The Trump Organization. “I’m still running a business,” he said. “It’s doing phenomenal, and the hotels are doing even better because of the excitement factor.”

That’s good, because, over 28 years, he wasn’t even beating the stock market. In August, the Associated Press reported that if Trump had put all of his money in an index fund in 1988, when he published The Art of the Deal, he’d be worth $13 billion today, or more than triple Forbes’ estimate of his worth ($4 billion).

(Also, on the reverse commuting from Manhattan point: He stayed in a motel in Sioux City, Iowa, overnight on Friday, the New York Times reports. But usually he takes his private Boeing 757 either to to Trump Tower, in New York, or to his estate in Palm Beach, Florida.)

The campaign, Trump told the Post, is “even more of an asset internationally. I have many projects all over the world and for those partners, in China, India and other countries, they read about the [presidential campaign] and they see the big picture.”

“I deal with the top people of these countries. They want to meet me and talk to me. I am more tested with international leaders than a governor or senator.”

Of course, if he wins, he’ll have to put his assets in a trust and turn the business over to someone else—probably his kids (who, incidentally, already have three surprisingly cluttered offices right next to each other on the floor below their dad’s headquarters).

“The kids do a good job, and I have very good executives,” Trump said.

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