Photo: AP

Donald Trump, who has until now run a campaign almost entirely free of professionals, is beginning to pad out his staff with his former rivals’ sloppy seconds.

This week Trump—who currently employs both Ben Carson and Scott Walker’s former campaign managers—hired Ken McKay, who comes to him fresh from the Chris Christie campaign. His role, according to Bloomberg, is to teach the Trump campaign how delegates work.

“This is a serious strategist and tactician,” said Curt Anderson, who was former presidential candidate Bobby Jindal’s chief strategist but is now unaffiliated with any campaign. He has known McKay for about 15 years. “This is not a guy who wastes his time going on cable TV and running his mouth. Trump hiring Ken McKay is a bad thing for the Ted Cruz campaign, I can assure you of that.”

More than that, it’s a sign the Trump campaign is truly becoming self-aware. Corey Lewandowski, once front-and-center, has been largely sidelined in favor of insiders like McKay, the former Republican National Committee chief of staff, who, as fans of inappropriately old white men in nightclubs might recall, who was forced to resign over a $2,000 bar tab at West Hollywood’s premiere (now-closed) topless lesbian bondage nightclub Voyeur. Nobody’s perfect.