Photo: AP

According to New York magazine, Donald Trump, in preparation for the general election, is giving campaign chairman Paul Manafort and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski plenty of room to avoid each other: These two spoiled brats will each get their own office space on different floors of Trump Tower.

The two men have been jostling for position since Trump hired Manafort in March. Manafort will move into the former location of the Apprentice, on the 14th floor of Trump Tower, and Lewandowski will remain on the fifth floor. From New York’s report:

Manafort’s camp is made up of veteran operatives Rick Gates, Rick Wiley, Michael Caputo and newly hired pollster Tony Fabrizio. Lewandowski’s crew includes early staffers like communications director Hope Hicks and deputy campaign manager Michael Glassner.

In recent weeks, the feud has been playing out in public. Manafort’s side, according to sources, was furious after the Washington Post reported on May 10 that Trump had tapped Lewandowski to oversee the vice-presidential search.

Manafort used the article as leverage with Trump in getting a recent promotion to the role of campaign chairman and chief strategist, according to two insiders. Lewandowski was outraged by the perceived demotion.

Last week, Lewandowski and Hicks got into it on a sidewalk in Manhattan.