Photo: AP

According to Page Six, my favorite political publication, Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Hope Hicks essentially ripped his former (?) campaign manager Corey Lewandowski a new asshole last night in a very public display of contempt.

Lewandowski—best known for grabbing a young female reporter hard enough to leave a bruise and pretending he never touched her until there was video evidence—has seen his role diminished in recent months as Trump started hiring actual professionals to run his campaign. Last night, things apparently got worse for him.

Page Six reports Hicks and Lewandowski were standing on the corner of 61st and Park—just a few blocks away from both Trump Tower and Trump Park Avenue—when Hicks started screaming.

One witness told us, “ Hope was screaming at Corey, ‘I am done with you!’ It was ugly, she was doubled over with her fists clenched. He was stood there looking shocked with his hands on his head.”

Other sources insist the street showdown was about how to handle the announcement that seasoned political operative Paul Manafort would be taking an even larger role in Trump’s campaign, and how Lewandowski’s role would be defined going forward.

Another source told us, “It was a campaign-related disagreement. They were arguing how the announcement about Manafort taking more responsibility would be handled. There is an internal struggle to define what Corey’s role would be. ”

A third source added, “It was a continuation of a discussion about when the announcement would go out. Corey wanted to wait until Thursday to give him a chance to talk to certain people first. Hicks was under pressure by others to make the announcement sooner.”

This is, I believe, what they call poetic justice.