Professional prankster Roman Atwood, a real human being with a wife and children, has a new hit video: In "Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!," he fakes throwing his son over the balcony of his family's Ohio home to freak his girlfriend out. Killing your kids—hilarious!

His wife Brittany was not laughing. "I fucking hate you! Why would you do that?" she shouts after finding the dummy version of her son on the floor. "It's just for fun," Atwood replies. "Are you that mad?"

"Yeah, I'm that fucking mad," she says. "You don't pretend to throw our kids off a fucking balcony."

Atwood, whose apparent claim to fame—if his Wikipedia page is to be believed—is the 2012 video "Cops Get Owned!!! - Epic Pee Prank," uploaded the video over the weekend and called on his Facebook followers to join in the fun, posting, "NEW CRAZY PRANK!! The Title speaks for itself!! Hold on tight! SHARE THIS ONE! [smiley face emoji]."

[H/T Daily Mail]