Well, this is cathartic. During the annual Gay Pride parade in Seattle, a drag queen who goes by the name of Mama Tits confronted a pack of garden-variety Bible thumpers telling the gays to repent. Ms. Tits called them on their shit while conducting herself in a manner far more "Christian" than they were.

Citing portions of Leviticus that conveniently tend to be ignored by modern types who use the anti-gay portions of that book to justify their hatred, Mama Tits contined:

Why don't you read your own book, and actually follow the teachings to the letter of God? And learn to support and love? You need to drop the hate. You are a sad, sad excuse for a human being. Once you learn to drop the hate, you too can find happiness because we will welcome you with open arms if you learn to open your mind. Not today, Satan. Not today.

That's so concise and correct, it sounds iconic.

Mama Tits issued a statement recounting the incident. It includes these words, which are also iconic:

I pushed his sign away from my face and hair, because you DO NOT TOUCH my hair. And, it was all I could do to NOT get violent, but I didn't because once that happens, we all lose.

[H/T Towleroad]