Having had enough of arguing with his girlfriend over his drinking habit, a man in Keelung City, Taiwan, reportedly retreated to the bathroom with a pair of scissors in hand, and proceeded to slice off his own penis.

Local media outlets say the 46-year-old had spent most of the day at home consuming alcohol, and when his girlfriend arrived in the evening she began to hassle him about being inebriated.

The argument abruptly ended after the man grabbed a pair of household scissors and went into the bathroom to snip off his sex organ.

Then, as the horrified girlfriend watched on, he flushed his severed member down the toilet.

The woman managed to get the critically injured man to the hospital just before he bled out.

Though doctors were unable to do much for the man besides stop the bleeding, they say he should have no problem urinating out of the three centimeters (1.1") that remained.

Little solace for the man, who awoke to discover what he had done and was extremely disappointed in himself.

Witnesses said he "freaked out and screamed while his girlfriend was seen praying with her hands clasped outside."

[photo via Shutterstock]