Atlanta's Rock 101.5 morning show visited Monster Jam 2015 to do some serious reporting and get to the heart of what monster truck racing is all about. Fortunately, they found a fantastically drunk source from Rabun County, Ga. (where Deliverance was filmed, y'all) to explain it to them.

Near as we can tell, she and her man were dating each other's cousins, but she thought he was a cutie-pie with a great butt, so she said "I'll do you right here in front of everybody." Now they've got five kids and one monster truck between the two of them.

And that's why monster truck rallies are so much fun!

Of course, it wouldn't be good reporting if they didn't get her man's side of the story, too. (His side is, "GRAaaaAAAAve DIGGERRRRRRRrrrrrrrr!")

Thank you for your input, sir. I think we all learned a lot here today.

[h/t Reddit]