Watching the video for Taylor Swift's new single "Shake it Off" for the first time—like seemingly any pop video in 2014—feels kind of like a waiting game: Okay, this is nice and all, but when does the twerking start?

In this case, the twerking starts at around 1:30. Not even Taylor, it turns out, is above donning a Jenny From the Block outfit and employing the dance move of choice for white artists looking to add a little "edge" to their image without actually engaging the culture it comes from.

Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt called Swift out for the video on Twitter:

The issues with this kind of thing have been discussed to death over the past two years or so, by minds with far more perspective than mine—especially after Miley Cyrus taught your mom the meaning of "turnt up" at the VMAs last year. Twerking—talking about twerking, writing about twerking, reading about twerking—is getting boring.

Find a new move, pop stars! Find a new look to take from black people and commodify, entertainment industry, so that bloggers can get mad and write thinkpieces about it, and drive traffic to our websites, and drive eyeballs to your videos. We need something new to talk about. Did anyone think for a second that there wouldn't be twerking in this video?

[h/t Spin]