During an AMA to promote CITIZENFOUR this afternoon, reddit moderators temporarily banned the Oscar-winning documentary's subject from commenting. Edward Snowden was forced to sign-in through another account to explain the delay in his answers. "Hey guys, sorry — the reddit mods are being a little weird. My account is /u/SuddenlySnowden," Snowden wrote. "Mods: Can you pull back the ban? I can't post from the primary account. Thanks."

Nine minutes later the mods responded and restored access to his account.

Mod here - really sorry for the confusion. Your colleagues set up the OPs account for you and when you started replying on a different account we had to assume it was a fake.

Your new account /u/SuddenlySnowden is good to go.

UPDATE 4:12 pm: Here are screenshots of the since-deleted responses from reddit moderators, reddit users, and AMA participant Glenn Greenwald.