California police are investigating one eight-year-old's Halloween haul after a small bag containing .1 gram of meth was found amongst her candy.

"This could have been intentional or it could have been accidental and we won't know until we speak with the person who did this," Hercules police Sgt. Ezra Tafesse told the Contra Costa Times. "More than anything, we want to educate the public to inspect their children's candy before giving it to them."

Police told NBC Bay Area that the amount of meth found in the child's candy by her parents Halloween night is enough for felony possession of controlled substance charges.

The Daily Mail reports that the baggie of meth "has sent shockwaves" through the Hercules, Ca. community. One disillusioned neighbor told NBC Bay Area that her mom is "probably" going to throw out the rest of her and her siblings' candy now. :(

Reminder for all parents who are also considering throwing out candy: Halloween candy laced with drugs and razorblades is largely an urban legend.

[Screengrab via NBC Bay Area]