An aging shepherd who was confronted by a bear while walking through a raspberry field near his home lived to tell his tale despite being thrown off a cliff by the animal after the two came to blows.

Octogenarian Yusuf Alchagirov of the tiny Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria initially attempted to stab the bear with his knife, but the beast swatted it away with ease.

The 80-year-old then proceeded to Plan B: Headbutting and kicking the bear.

This time, the animal swatted Alchagirov away, hurling him off a nearby cliff.

Amazingly, the senior citizen survived the fall with only a few bruises and bite wounds, and four broken ribs.

"I got off easy. It would have killed me if I'd chickened out," Alchagirov told a local TV station.

RIA Novosti reports that Alchagirov's family "baked him three traditional pies to celebrate his survival."

[photo via Shutterstock]