Today RadarOnline published an audio recording in which (someone who sounds like) 52-year-old actor Tom Sizemore can be heard boasting about how, in 1998, former President Bill Clinton arranged for the English model Elizabeth Hurley to fly to Washington, D.C. and have sex (with President Bill Clinton):

Clinton said, “Listen Elizabeth, this is the President!” Sizemore recalls. “‘I don’t have any time for this ****. I’m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up.” […] “While we’re at the reception, I see her,” Sizemore reveals, but then she disappeared through a door, trailed by a Secret Service agent.

As she disappeared into a room with the President, Sizemore charges, “Bill turns to me and he goes, ‘I owe you one.’” As to what happened after that, Sizemore declares on the tape: “What do you think? She was there for four days. He f***ed her that night.”

Understandably, Hurley denied the entire story on Twitter:

Indeed, Elizabeth Hurley appears nowhere in the New York Times’ exhaustive planetary chart of Clinton associates.

Update: Tom Sizemore also denies Elizabeth Hurley’s Cross-Country Sex Trip With Bill Clinton. The actor told Huffington Post Live that, while he believes the voice on the RadarOnline clip belongs to him, he had “a drug problem” when the tape was recorded and fabricated the story about Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton.

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