According to Twitter, Starbucks stores across the country are all having a major computer system failure right now—and they’re giving away all the drinks for free.

As far as we can tell, the incredible bug is affecting Starbucks registers all across the nation, so you might as well go and get as much caffeine as you can before their point-of-sale systems inevitably get fixed. Let us know if you run into any trouble, and we’ll update if and when the good luck runs out. But for now, consider it karma. [Digg]

Update 9:15 pm: It sounds like a few stores are (understandably) shutting down in the wake of the caffeinated massacre. One reader sent us the following photo of a Starbucks in League City, TX:

Quite a few stores are apparently still giving out free goods, though, so you’re not out of luck just yet. And to echo what a few of you have already said: Please do tip the poor, broken souls behind those dead registers. God knows they’ve been having a hell of a night.

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