Far-right groups are once again out in force in northern England today following Wednesday's attack on a British soldier in Woolwich.

The English Defence League, a hate group that also angrily roamed streets on Wednesday night, organized the march, which reportedly had between 1,500-2,000 people marching through Newcastle.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson told marchers that, "We cannot allow this soldier's death to be in vain. We are the only ones who dare say it. When did the truth become hate speech?"

Police made multiple arrests during the march, with the most being for alcohol-related offenses. Also, this afternoon, a French soldier was stabbed in the throat, and authorities are trying to determine if there was any connection to the Woolwich murder.

There have been several reports of anti-Muslim incidents in Britain since the Wednesday attack, including the defacement of mosques.

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[Photo courtesy of Express]