An internet date took a dramatically tragic turn last month in Morocco when a man, under the mistaken impression his date had just dropped dead, tried to dispose of her body.

Mina El Houari, a French woman, flew to Morocco in May to meet an internet suitor whose name has not been publicly released. They were having a date at his house when El Houari, an undiagnosed diabetic, suddenly keeled over and passed out.

The man apparently decided the best thing to do would be to immediately hide her not-quite-dead body, so he dug a shallow grave in his backyard and buried her in it. She eventually suffocated, but wasn't discovered until El Houari's family filed a missing person's report, prompting police to raid the man's home.

He reportedly confessed and faces involuntary manslaughter charges.

[h/t Daily Dot, image via Shutterstock]