We natives of Broward County, Florida, are really good at two things: shopping, and screwing up voting. Oh, and also setting our dogs on fire, then letting the flaming dogs set our spouses on fire, then dumping our flaming dogs in swimming pools and getting on the news.

Via Miami's NBC affiliate:

Telma Botcherby, the dog's owner was treating her dog with flea and tick spray when she then noticed a live tick on the floor and tried to burn it with a lighter, according to a Broward Sheriff's Office report. The dog became startled and jumped across where Botcherby was trying to burn the tick. The dog then burst into flames, officials said.

Botcherby screamed for her husband, Jess Olivas, who picked up the dog in his arms and jumped into a swimming pool.

Olivas, of Parkland, was then taken to North Broward Hospital and later transferred to Jackson Memorial as a trauma alert for treatment of his second degree burns. Officials said 18 to 24 percent of Olivas' body was burned including his right arm, left forearm, chest and face.

We wish Olivas a speedy recovery. And to the dog, too: The family was too poor to take the dog to an urgent care clinic that night, so his burns had to wait for treatment until a local animal hospital opened the next morning.

Oh, also: Don't fuck around with open flames near your dog's Advantix, for God's sake.

[Photo credit: Jesse Kunerth/Shutterstock]