A Florida man's first date with a woman he met at a Daytona Beach convenience store ended with the man naked, bloodied, and cashless in an empty cow field.

As NBC News reported, Shaun Paul Williams met the woman, who goes by Tree, at the convenience store two weeks ago. The two hit it off and exchanged numbers. Williams called her, and Tree agreed to pick him up at the same convenience store this past Friday. But when Tree arrived, she had company: two adult men, one of whom she identified as her brother, were sitting in her back seat. Tree told Williams not to worry, that she just needed to drop the men off at their home.

So the trusting Williams hopped in the car. The four were on their way when Tree made a sudden stop, turning onto a side street. Not long after her alleged brother told her to pull over so he could “wait for a friend.” Tree backed the car into an empty cow pasture.

Williams took the opportunity to relieve himself in the field. When he returned to the car, he was reportedly hit twice in the head with a “hard metal object,” causing him to collapse as one of the men shouted, "Give me all you money and all of your clothes."

Williams's appropriate response: “Are you serious?”

The men were; one of them pointed a handgun at Williams. Williams did as he was told and his three attackers drove off, with $200 of Williams's cash, his cell phone, driver's license, plus his shorts, tank top and sneakers.

A “disoriented” and naked Williams was discovered later that night by a sheriff's deputy, who took him to the hospital.

Tree, her alleged brother, and the third suspect are still at large.

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