A Florida family armed with baseball bats trapped a burglar in their bathroom Saturday night, after catching him attempting to steal laundry, towels, and a little girl's panties.

The Gonzalez family was awakened by "a big boom sound" coming from downstairs, so they grabbed their bats and headed down to investigate. Their screen door was broken, and some of their belongings, including a laundry basket, some towels, and detergent were stacked outside near a bicycle.

Golden Gate Police showed up to investigate, but neither the family nor deputies found anyone in the house.

"We were all in the living room and we heard a noise. That's when we realized, has someone checked the bathroom?" Janet Gonzalez told local news station WVZN.

Cracking open the door, she saw the suspect, 21-year-old Manuel Rodriguez. The rest of the family held the door closed while Gonzalez went outside to tell the deputies. They arrested Rodriguez for burglary and petty theft.

"He had my little girl's panties in his pockets and one on the sink," said Gonzalez. "To me only a sick, perverted person would do that."

[H/T: UPI, Photo: Golden Gate Estates Police]