Authorities in Florida say a Port Richey woman suffered a serious gunshot wound after she was struck by a bullet that was fired by a man who had just committed suicide across the street.

Jeane Sams stepped out of her cousin's apartment last Wednesday to make a phone call when she was suddenly felt a sharp pain above her right knee and looked down to see blood gushing out.

She hurried back inside where her cousin, Yvonne Diaz, and Diaz's fiancee Brandon Parker put pressure on the wound and phoned 911.

When deputies first arrived at the New America complex, they immediately suspected Parker had shot Sams.

According to Parker, the cops "yanked him out of his apartment and shoved him up against a car."

But after multiple rounds of questioning, the real culprit was discovered: Their neighbor, Michael Bruty.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said Bruty, 28, had been arguing loudly with his girlfriend earlier that night, and eventually threatened to kill himself.

Despite pleas from his partner to put his gun down, Bruty lifted the weapon to his head and fired once.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sams was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was well enough to be released the following day.

Deputies remain puzzled by the bullet's trajectory, noting that two parked cars were situated between Bruty's apartment and Sams position at the time of the incident.

[H/T: Opposing Views, photo unrelated via Shutterstock]