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Editorial employees of the magazine Foreign Policy have voted to unionize. They will become members of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild.

We’re told by an FP source that the vote was 16-1 in favor of unionizing. The company’s management tells Politico they will recognize the union and begin negotiating a contract with employees.

“Throughout the journalism profession, workforces are choosing union representation. Rightfully so: Union membership has become a best practice for newsroom workers,” says a “mission statement” shared by the FP union members. “FP is a business, and we want it to succeed as such. A union will make the business stronger by giving workers a collective voice. We believe that guild membership will facilitate constructive, amicable, open, and honest conversations that will serve to invigorate the institution.”

Foreign Policy is the latest media outlet to unionize in a year that has seen Gawker, Vice, Huffington Post, Salon, The Guardian US, ThinkProgress, and others form their own unions.

If you work at a media outlet that is not unionized: why?