Photo: AP

A group of former Donald Trump aides have reportedly flocked to Wisconsin with the sole goal of overthrowing Paul Ryan, the current House Speaker who made the mistake of halfheartedly endorsing Trump earlier this summer.

Yesterday, Trump gave an interview declining to endorse Ryan, who is facing a primary challenge for his congressional seat. Using the same language Ryan did when he was stalling for time this spring, Trump said he was “not quite there yet,” on deciding whether Ryan is the best candidate.

And like a hydra, Trump’s wrath has more than one slimy front. According to The Politico, “more than half a dozen of Trump’s former campaign staff members or leading volunteer organizers from around the country — and many more local volunteers” have joined the campaign of one Paul Nehlen, a long-shot businessman challenging Ryan in the primary.

It’s an interesting if slightly misleading report in that it suggests that Trump has the ability to mobilize some kind of ground game. In fact, The Politico reports, many of them were laid off from the Trump campaign and joined Nehlen’s on their own accord for the same reasons that drew them to work for Trump in the first place: the “continuation of the bitter fight Trump waged against the GOP establishment.”

And what does Nehlen think about all of it? It’s hard to say—his aides hid him in an RV promising he’d be right out and then drove the RV away from inquiring reporters.

Fritsch escorted Nehlen into a campaign RV parked nearby and emblazoned with the words “Dump Paul Ryan,” explaining that the candidate would be “right back out” to resume the interview after the campaign verified the candidate’s door-knocking route.

But 10 minutes later, Fritsch emerged from the RV alone, and it drove away with the candidate still inside. “You know what, we have another interview,” Fritsch said. “We have a very, very busy schedule.”

Can’t help but feel this is a metaphor for something...