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You may have heard about the New York Times’ most recent awful decision to make room for an awful op-ed, this time in the form of Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiance clamoring to get out of a contract because he essentially he decided he no longer wanted to be in one. This particular contract, of course, was about embryos. Enter Fox News.

In the New York Times piece, Nick Loeb spends a lot of time hitting conservative, pro-life talking points in an attempt to explain why he should be able to break a contract that would allow Vergara to forbid making babies out of her embryos—so that he can then make babies out of her embryos. A matter that’s completely beside the point because he willingly entered into a legally binding contract. But, if nothing else, it opened the door for Fox News “Medical A-Team” doctor Keith Ablow to say some really stupid shit.

Among the gems:

The bottom line is why would a woman’s right to do what she wants with a frozen embryo trumps a man’s right? If he wants to bring these embryos to term, good for him.

Good for him indeed! Birthing a child is an impressive feat for any man.

It’s not a coin toss it’s about whoever wants that potential being to survive — that’s who win.

He’s correct that it’s not a coin toss, but there’s nothing to win here. When he willingly signed his contract, Loeb had already made his decision.

We don’t decide a priori that two parents can decide to do anything with potential life. I’ve been outspoken on this — I believe that men should be able to veto women’s abortions if they’re willing to care for the child.

Of course two parents shouldn’t be able to decide. Just the one will be enough.

You can watch the whole, mind-numbing segment for yourself here.

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