Wooooo yeah. In Hugh Lofting's classic children's book Dr. Doolittle, there's an imaginary animal called a pushmi-pullyu. Shit yeah. It has two heads, one on either end of its body, and can't move because it's always pulling itself in two directions at once. Hell yeah. This is kind of like that, except instead of a weird goat thing, it's a VW Passat, and instead of standing in place, it's doing the most bitchin' donuts you've ever seen. Awwwww fuck yeah!

The drivers behind the video—one previous poster says they're Latvian—rigged together the front ends of two different Passats to make the monster-car, which still has both of its engines, I guess? (The video description claims it's a 4x4, and it looks like there are two people driving.) Unlike a pushmi-pullyu, though, this one can actually move forward.

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