Two Trump opponents sitting quietly at his Wednesday night rally in Lowell, MA were attacked by Trump boosters, the Boston Globe reports, the latest in a long, disturbing trend of manhandled protesters at Trump events.

The two appear to have been holding handmade signs (“AMERICA IS ALREADY GREAT”) when their seat mates notice and take issue. One Trump supporter shouts “shut your mouth!” at the silent man, while another demands “You’re at a Trump rally? Ditch those. Ditch ’em.” After these neighboring men tore up the signs, the two protesters are escorted out by Lowell police officers. As usual, it appears Trump took a great deal of satisfaction in the theater of the confrontation, which sent his fans into a frenzy of USA! chants and applause.

A Trump rally scheduled for tonight has been overbooked by almost 19,000 tickets, which should probably make for another smooth event.

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