William McCollom, the Peachtree City police chief who shot his wife early Thursday morning, said in a 911 call that the shooting occurred as he moved the gun from his bed while his wife slept. "…the gun was in the bed," he said. "I went to move it to put it to the side and it went off."

Later, when the operator asked him to identify himself, McCollom gave her his official title. "Yeah, unfortunately yes," he said when asked to confirm his job as police chief.

Throughout the call, which was released Friday, McCollom's wife Margaret can be heard moaning in pain. "She's starting to have trouble breathing now so it must be internal," McCollum said. "Come on guys, get here."

From ABC News:

There was some confusion about the number of shots fired, and though he is heard telling the 911 operator that his wife was shot twice, investigators have since said that she was only shot once.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was notified of the incident an hour after it happened and have launched an investigation, as is customary when a police officer is involved in a shooting.

During a Thursday news conference, GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang said that McCollom is not being held but has been cooperative with the investigation.

Margaret McCollom was airlifted to a hospital in Atlanta, where she remains in critical condition.