Police are searching for a man who used a pitchfork to rob a Waffle House in Norcross, Georgia. He would've gotten away unscathed, but he accidentally tripped and dropped the pitchfork while trying to run away. Whoops!

Police say Jeffery Willard Wooten entered the Waffle House wearing a blue ski mask and threatened employees with a pitchfork, forcing them toward a back room. Police Chief Warren Summers explained in a press release that Wooten then tried to pry open the register and, when unable to do so, just picked the whole thing up and left. "As he was leaving the parking lot, he tripped and dropped the pitchfork."

Seeing Wooten's fall, one of the employees picked up the pitchfork and chased him into a Rite-Aid next door. He then fought with the employees while attempting to get into his truck, and was struck with the pitchfork. The Waffle House employee also managed to use the pitchfork to shatter a few of his truck's windows. (Ugh, pitchfork! You're supposed to be on his side!)

The man took off and, when police attempted to stop him, he he drove off of the road and abandoned his truck. He has not yet been caught.

[Photo via ABC News, h/t]