Halloween isn’t complete with out a few tricks, like a 25-foot tall, 350 pound inflatable pumpkin, on the wings of the wind, barreling into your person.

“I was so shocked to see that it was like bouncing like a basketball all the way down the road,” Patrick Sparkes with Big AZ Promotions, the pumpkin’s master, told local 12News.

The pumpkin, a promotion for a local party, broke free in storm winds. After a 40-minute search, the pumpkin was apprehended in a park, brutally deflated, and discourteously shoved into the back of a van.

Eerily enough, the pumpkin’s escape comes just days after the JLENS blimp broke free of its tether in Maryland, floating over to Pennsylvania where it collapsed onto the ground. The dirigible uprising is upon us.