Flipping the script on school closings, one private school in Washington state decided it would be a fun change of pace to announce that classes were canceled due to good weather for once.

"SCHOOL CANCELLED DUE TO GREAT WEATHER! WAHOOO!" exclaims an all-caps notice on the Bellingham Christian Northstars website. "Yeah! It’s a Sun Day today and everyone gets the day off from school."

But rather than spring the announcement on students and staff, Principal Bob Sampson says he made sure to tease the "Sun Day" in advance to get kids excited.

"Kids just love the anticipation of sitting around to see if school is canceled when it snows," he told the Associated Press. "You know, we haven’t had any snow days, so I thought ‘how fun would it be to create that anticipation for kids when it’s nice out?’"

With the weather in Bellingham expected to be sunny through the weekend, Sampson figured Friday would be the ideal day for his school to "suddenly" close.

He called the parents of all 205 students to make sure Friday worked for them, and let the school board and teachers know his plans as well.

"In a world that’s got a lot hard things going," Sampson said, "it’s fun to create a moment of joy."