The list of celebrities, politicians, and high-profile individuals allegedly hacked by Guccifer just increased dramatically, according to the Smoking Gun.

The website reports that a new cache of documents reveals that Guccifer has accessed information from, among others, Steve Martin, Tina Brown, Kitty Kelley, three members of the UK's House of Lords, the CEO of MetLife, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and the director of Romania's domestic intelligence.

In one hack of writer Julian Fellowes, he downloaded a copy of the script for the fourth-season finale of "Downton Abbey" six months before it aired in the UK.

The hacker also accessed confidential reports from a high-end private security company. One hedge fund billionaire client — perhaps recalling the plot of "Taken"commissioned a $40,000 security review to see if a Paris duplex apartment that his college student daughter planned to rent while studying abroad was safe.

The Smoking Gun's analysis of the data suggests that Guccifer accessed some of the email accounts by correctly guessing security questions and then changing the users' passwords.

Other Guccifer hacks include George W. Bush's art, Bill Clinton's doodles, Defense Intelligence Agency head Roy Apelsoff's sexy emails, Jeffrey Tambor's contacts, and Candice Bushnell's novels, among others.

According to the Smoking Gun, Guccifer, who regularly leaks information to the website, approached them with the newest documents as an insurance policy, saying that he was giving them to a reporter "in case I disappear."

Image by Jim Cooke