Eight Ebola health officials in Guinea—five health workers and three journalists—were found dead this afternoon in a village latrine in the Nzerekore region. Damantang Camara, a spokesman for Guinea's government, told Reuters, "Three of them had their throats slit." The health team went missing Tuesday after villagers threw rocks at them.

The Washington Post reports that a group of young people attacked the team when they were trying to distribute information about Ebola. Guinea's government reported today that the team could have been kidnapped and killed. The government sent a delegation to the village to try to find the team, but the BBC reported that the delegation had trouble gaining access because a bridge was destroyed.

Throughout West Africa and in Guinea, specifically, some villagers have reacted negatively to health workers because they doubt Ebola is real.

The World Health Organization reported today that the death toll for Ebola in West Africa has reached 2,630.

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[Photo via AP]