Chuck Jose isn't the first person to perform his own version of the dance from Sia's "Chandelier" music video—Lena Dunham, Jimmy Kimmel, et al did it to death a long time ago—but he might be the first to do it as punishment for being a fantasy football loser.

Jose apparently lost a bet with his buddy, Allen Mark, and fulfilled the conditions by recreating the video shot-for-shot.

Such punishment! Such humiliation! You can really tell he's not into this at all, and definitely not having fun trying to get the moves and timing right. You think he's enjoying the costume? Psh, get out of here.

He definitely would not have made this video just for kicks regardless of the outcome of the bet. No sir.

"I can never retweet that video enough," tweeted Mark, who's relishing his victory almost as much as Jose relished his defeat.

[h/t Gossip Cop]