Gwyneth Paltrow threw a casual party Thursday night in Los Angeles for Obama and several hundred of her closest friends, noting in a speech to her guests that the president is progressive, and also hot.

According to the AP, Paltrow delivered a "brief introduction punctuated by 'ums,' declared herself to be one of Obama's biggest fans and said he's an 'incredible role model.'"

Reports the AP:

"You're so handsome that I can't speak properly," the actress, singer and food writer gushed after introducing Obama to several hundred supporters seated on white fold-out chairs in the lush backyard of her home in the movie star haven of Brentwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Obama responded, "I'm taking her to the next event," and somewhere, Martha Stewart scowled.

Obama then reportedly joined Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Bradley Whitford, and 47 other supporters for a $15,000-a-head backyard dinner—but not before literally boring Apple and Moses to sleep.

[image via AP]