Here’s the story: a group of roommates decided it would be a good idea to leave boxes of full-size candy bars unattended on their porch on Halloween night. The idea was to see—via a security camera feed—which kids would be considerate and take just one candy bar, and which kids would be greedy and take a few extra.

Kids. Which kids. And most of the kids did great! Even one big knobby kid who looks like his costume is that of a surly adolescent—surely he represented the most likely candy bar bandit, right?


With the help of little Jason Voorhees, the bunny cleans out the joint. For a second there you think the kid will be like little Cindy-Lou Who, but nah. This is like the Grinch saying “you want in on this shit or not,” and little Cindy making off with the roast beast.

Don’t steal Halloween candy, adults.

Screencap via YouTube