Above, we see someone attempting to parallel park their mid-sized sedan in a very big-sized spot.

"How many times has she tried this already, Ray?", the narrator asks at the beginning of the video. "Uh, this is like her second time," replies a timid off-mic voice.

Two times? Why are we even filming, at this point? It's a big spot, to be sure, but who among us hasn't struggled, at some point, to fit a small object inside a much larger hole? Don't be a prick, camera guy.

Then, the Sisyphean drama begins. The car lurches forward, then backward, then forward, then backward. When the nose inches right, the tail creeps left; when the rear flirts with ecstasy, the front end demurs. Never does the curb come closer.

At one point, from our perspective across the lot, it looks like the driver may have finally found success. The narrator rudely interjects: "She's like three feet away from the curb." She continues.

After several more failed attempts, our hero surrenders, her spirit broken, her humiliation total. The car moves slowly, sadly across the pavement and exits. Searching, perhaps, for a spot that will never come.

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