When Zach Braff asked the internet for money to produce his follow-up to Garden State (Motto: It will change your life™), he somehow didn't get the same excited reaction as, say, the Veronica Mars reboot.

In fact, there was such a Braff backlash that Kickstarter had to put up a blog post reminding everyone that famous rich person Zach Braff technically has as much right to use the site as any struggling indie creator.

"If you hate me and Garden State... this is not the club for you," Braff said at the time.

But haters be damned, Braff collected $3.1 million in fan money to make Wish I Was Here and then executed step 3 of his plan ("PROFIT)" by selling it to Focus Features at Sundance for another $2.7 million.

Wish I Was Here comes out July 18. Backers didn't get to see "their" film before it was sold, but the thousands(!) of people who paid $100 or more on Kickstarter will receive invitations to an advance screening.

Members of the No Zach Braffs Club—probably the correct club for people who hate Zach Braff and Garden State—get the above trailer as fuel for their continued abhorrence of all things Braff at no charge.

[H/T: The Blemish]