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Billy on the Street is a Fuse show in which comedian Billy Eichner spontaneously challenges New York pedestrians with spontaneous, absurd questions (often about celebrities). The epitome of the show's ability to be funny and almost unwatchably awkward occurred on its most recent episode, when Eichner ran into writer/philosopher Jim Holt (Why Does the World Exist?) seemingly at random. Eichner asked Holt about his sexuality and it did not go well. Holt refused to so much as entertain the conversation of why he didn't want to disclose his sexuality. He then called the interview off and walked away.

At that point, Eichner said what many think when they watch people refuse to discuss their sexuality: "GAY! GAY! GAY!"

Jim Holt has also written a book about the history and philosophy of jokes. It probably didn't include a section on street interviews regarding people's sexuality.

[H/T Brian Montopoli]