Where the hell do you rent an elephant from? Somebody in the Tampa Bay area knows, apparently.

Beachgoers in Pinellas County off the Gulf of Mexico spotted one of the beasts in about a foot of water Saturday and caught video footage of it. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the elephant—which looks pretty young as it swirls its trunk in the surf—was a party rental:

Todd Unbehagen was with his family when he shot video of an elephant wading in the water off North Redington Beach. As he shot the video, folks began to gather around, taking in the rare sight and speculating how the curious behemoth made its way into the water.

Unbehagen's explanation, which he posted on his Facebook page:

"We were walking down the beach, and someone had a private party at their beach house with an elephant. It was at North Redington Beach, Florida. So, we stopped for a while to take pictures. You don't see this every day!!!"

No, you do not see that every day. But it's not every day some rich guy has to impress his kid that much. Maybe he pulled a Don Draper.

Relatedly, elephant rental seems like a poor idea. Especially in a Stand Your Ground state. Next time, stick with the bounce house.