In a video and pictures sent in by Gawker tipster Kevin Mazeski, you can watch Banksy's latest work in Queens being defaced tonight.

[There was a video here]

Annoyed bystanders let the man, who tagged the wall with "Problem Child NYC," know that it's "thousands of dollars" he was painting over. And a female in the crowd keeps calling the man a "dick" and an "asshole," ending by calling him a "no talent dick" as he angrily walks away.

According to Mazeski, the man defacing the mural was angry because the wall was "his area."

Mazeski also reports that he has a "good feeling" he met Banksy himself tonight. This is what he tells us:

He was a Middle Aged man, he laughed and said it was only a matter of time. Explaining how this was the process and expected. Once the man was finished painting over the mural, the alleged Banksy shook my hand and left, hopefully to stir up something else and tag the guy as a "little girl" as he did in Brooklyn.

He was tall. Over 6ft as he was taller than me. Black leather jacket. Short salt and pepper hair somewhat messy. Light eyes. He told us he was a journalist, but gave another guy his card which said he was a real estate agent. All the card said was New York Consultants. Other people started talking all thinking that was him as well. He showed me and a friend his digital camera because he said he saw Banksy earlier in the day in Brooklyn. While going through the pictures. The menu of his digital camera came up with one folder called "paintings" and he quickly closed that. He showed me a pic of two men walking down the street saying one guy was Banksy while the other was his helper, oddly enough looking exactly like him. The nature of how he left right after, was extremely suspicious all adding to our belief that he was Banksy himself.

Maybe Kevin finally solved the Banksy mystery. Or maybe this man was just a real estate agent who, like many of us, saves his sexts in a folder called "paintings." Only time will tell.

[h/t Kevin Mazeski]