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The case of legendary top 40 host Casey Kasem, 82, took a strange turn over the weekend when paramedics arrived to collect the ailing Kasem from his wife's house, enforcing a court order that turned responsibility for his care over to his children.

Jean Kasem, who was accused of keeping Casey away from his kids from a previous marriage, hurled a package of raw hamburger at his daughter, Kerri Kasem.

"In the honor of King David, I threw a piece of meat to you, to the dogs, to the dogs," she (sort of) explained.

A search for Bible verses referring to King David, raw meat, rabid dogs, and the exchange of husbands came up empty.

Best of luck to Casey Kasem, whose other daughter, Mary, said he was suffering from stage three bed sores, a lung infection, and a bladder infection on top of the Lewy body dementia that keeps him from eating or speaking on his own.