The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department is investigating an incident in which two officers were captured on video using their clubs to brutally beat a suspect lying flat on his belly in the street, reports SFGate.

The video comes by way of a security camera facing the street where the arrest is made. The suspect, identified as Stanislav Petrov, led two deputies on an extended car chase into San Francisco in a stolen vehicle last Thursday, before eventually fleeing on foot. He reportedly rammed the deputies’ vehicles before fleeing, possibly knocking one of the officers down. The pursuit reportedly covered 38 miles before it became a foot-chase.

In the video, Petrov is seen running a few feet ahead of an officer in pursuit before appearing to slow up and surrender. The officer tackles him to the ground and begins to punch him in the head while he lays flat. The second deputy arrives and the two of them wail on Petrov with their batons while he makes no attempt to resist or retaliate. The video has sound, and it is horrible.

The deputies are still pounding him in the head and upper body when backup arrives after about 30 seconds. At one point, one of the deputies can be heard shouting at Petrov, and it sounds like he’s saying “why’d you fucking run?” (Upon further review, it’s also possible he’s saying something like “get on the fucking ground!”)

The two deputies, who have not been identified, have reportedly been placed on paid leave.

KQED quotes Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly’s description of the beating: “The suspect fled from the car and resisted arrest and was captured and arrested.”

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Screenshot via YouTube