Image: AP

Today in Cincinnati, Elizabeth Warren made the first of several campaign stops alongside Hillary Clinton. Though the event was billed as a policy speech, the two most thunderously attacked Donald Trump, and in a very specific way.

Here is a short sampling of some of the Trump broadsides from Warren’s opening remarks:

These statements work as big applause lines for liberals, of course, but they’re also a dog whistle pitched at a level to be heard precisely by Donald Trump himself. “Goofy,” “thin-skinned,” “small,” “insecure,” “money-grubber”—these are the sorts of phrases you would expect to read in one of Trump’s haltingly-paced tweets, and they signal a bit of a shift from the Donald Trump Is a Bad, Scary Man thing that the Clinton campaign had initially used at the beginning of its general election campaign. (Though there was plenty of that, too.)

We have previously argued that if Clinton really wants to goad Trump into destroying himself, she would need to emasculate and humiliate him, and she made it pretty clear when she took the mic from Warren that she’s attempting to do just that.

Will Trump fall for it? Will it even matter?