Photo: AP

Last month, according to campaign finance reports, Hillary Clinton raised more than $30.1 million to be used in the Democratic primary—to be used, in other words, against Senator Bernie Sanders. From the New York Times:

Despite her lead in the race for the delegates needed to secure the nomination and the donors urging her campaign to shift her focus to the general election, Mrs. Clinton has continued to focus on raising money for the primary. Her campaign raised just $715,408 in February to be used toward the general election. She also raised $4.4 million last month for the Democratic National Committee to use on state parties and down ballot races throughout the country.

In her victory speech in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Tuesday night, Mrs. Clinton implored supporters to make small-dollar donations to her campaign. “We are moving closer to securing the Democratic Party nomination and winning this election in November,” she said. “If you’ve been waiting for the right moment, now’s the time.”

Bernie Sanders raised $43.5 million in February and entered March with $17.2 million cash on hand.