Earlier today, in Taiwan, the smartphone company HTC held its annual investor's meeting. HTC's stock price is in the toilet. Investors are demanding: hey, how about a free phone?

Since 2011, investors in HTC have seen the value of their shares decline by 90%. Ninety percent! I do not want to "project" here, but I imagine that if I were someone who had invested a great deal of money in this company, and I went to its annual meeting, my main thought would be: Hey, how about raising that stock price? Followed by: Hey, you better raise that stock price or my fellow investors and I are really gonna give you a good thrashing out in the parking lot. And sure, all the investors in Taiwan asked for that. But what they really came to the investor's meeting for: some free shit. Where is our free shit? Last year there was better free shit. Give us some free shit! Aries Poon reports in the Wall Street Journal:

Many of them said they were expecting a free cellphone, as HTC gave them out last year. Instead, each of them were given a free thermos, fruit juice and some bread...

One shareholder, who rode on a motorcycle for over an hour to come to the meeting said a free phone would have made him "feel better about HTC's sinking share price."

Hey, how bout some bread? Try the bread tho.

I would advise HTC to give these motherfuckers some of your shitty phones before the situation gets outta hand. Nobody wants to buy those phones anyhow. Probably got millions of em just sitting around.

I would advise the investors to invest in some better stocks. Then you could afford to buy your own phone!

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