This week, a hungry little bear cub snuck into a Colorado Springs pizza parlor, climbing shelves and eating icing and oil before finally taking a nap, NBC News reports.

Louie’s Pizza owner Louie Sciarotta said a “horde” of high school students had just left his restaurant when the bear was discovered in a back room Monday afternoon. From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

The animal entered through an open door, walked past the restrooms and found its way into the pizzeria’s prep room. There he ate some icing used in Louie’s cini-bread and curled up on the second shelf of a storage rack.

One of the employees, Sawyer Janney, said he was startled when all the commotion began, not by the bear but by a co-worker.

“He just yells ‘bear’ and runs outside,” Janney said.

“We asked what was up and they said there was a bear in there and it was eating all the icing,” a patron told KOAA. “He was soft and he had icing all over him. He was eating all the icing.”

By the time wildlife officers arrived, the hungry bear had become a sleepy bear.

“I walked back there and the bear was asleep right there on top of the icing,” District Wildlife Manager Phillip Gurule told KKTV. “Looks like she had a little bit to eat.”

Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife say the underweight bear cub will be taken to a rehabilitation facility for recovery and then released into the wild.

[Images via Colorado Spring Police Department]