Actor Jude Law is in Hungary right now, filming a spy movie called Susan Cooper. He's also making some very close friends, including a Playboy model named Linda Zimány—with whom he was filmed making out, piss drunk, at a bar in Budapest.

From time to time, as we see fit, is pleased to share content from our Hungarian cousins at Today we're particularly pleased to bring this video, and associated GIF set, to our English-language readers. That's Jude Law, making a drunk face at a bar in Budapest called Kolor; the blonde whom he drunkly tries to make out, we're told, with is Linda Zimány, a Hungarian model who's appeared in Hungarian Playboy, among other places.

"And quite Restrained in Hungary, Because it does not ask you, but it does not dig into the necking," Laszlo Szily writes (translation provided by Google). "If I Understand the situation, so Zimány behave this way Because They Know Exactly Whether to pick it up, and it's a form of advertising for male." Exactly.