"This is my jail," Tavon White boasted in a recording played by the prosecutors trying to bring down the smuggling ring he ran for years from within a Baltimore prison. He wasn't exaggerating by much. White, who just received a reduced sentence after testifying about the methods his Black Guerrilla Family used to sneak drugs and phones into Baltimore City Detention Center, is best known for impregnating four prison guards during his time there.

White, aka "Bulldog," fathered five children with four of the facility's female guards, who also helped smuggle contraband for inmates. He gave the women presents and let them use his cars while he was locked up, and two of them even had his name tattooed on their bodies.

"At one point," the Baltimore Sun reports, "he managed to give a Mercedes-Benz to one corrections officer, and then instructed her to give it to another of his paramours, who drove it to work, causing a fight among the women."

Forty people, including 24 corrections officers, have now been convicted in the prison corruption case.

Witnesses laid out a highly organized conspiracy where gang-affiliated inmates unofficially ran the jail, selling drugs, smuggling contraband, and collecting money to send back to Black Guerrilla Family leaders still on the streets.

"The money was passed around through pre-paid debit cards, with a 'minister of finance' keeping track of the accounting," the Baltimore Sun reported.

In exchange for describing the gang's operations and naming the officers involved, White will serve his 12-year sentence concurrently with the 20-year attempted murder rap he was already in for, meaning he won't do any additional time. He'll likely be transferred to a detention facility that he didn't previously control from inside.

"Mr. White will be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life," his attorney, Gary Proctor, said.

[h/t The Grio, Photo: Anne Arundel County PD]