Andy Samberg, goofball extraordinaire and winsome crooner, is playing a cop in a new Fox show out this fall called Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Do not fear—he will not attempt to play the grizzled, tough talking, late-hours-keeping cop of your normal television drama. It's a comedy! Samberg plays a police officer steeped in lackadaisical attitudes and a particularly hip/ironic dress code (leather jacket, "secret tie"). With a propensity to goof and a priority for dressing in his own styles, Samberg seems to be channeling the infamously dapper Hipster Cop.

For a refresher, if you try not to commit hipster trends to memory, the Hipster Cop is an actual, plainclothes policeman who patrolled the Occupy Wall Street protests in the fall of 2011. Detective Rick Lee was highlighted for dressing sharply. He was memed. He made "snarky jokes about Radiohead." But also he was a policeman monitoring protests and doing a job. It was an SNL-skit-coming-to-life situation.

The Village Voice spoke to the original hipster cop spoke about Samberg's impression, and Lee had some fashion tips:

"Samberg's character kind of looks like me. However, I think he needs a hip pair of glasses and a skinny tie to complete the look (wink, wink)… I'm curious if I was the motivation for Fox's take on the character. I think that would be very funny if it was. "

It would be funny to have a show based off your idiosyncratic fashion choices, wouldn't it? A few differences evident so far: Lee is really more of a prepster than a hipster, while Samberg seems to be channeling more ironic, eccentric characteristics. Lee is really excited by "tweeds!" and is an anglophile. He also doesn't condone of fun and games on the job, which seems to be the premise of Samberg's life.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine—a fictional precinct in a mostly likely real neighborhood—looks a little forced and cliche-oriented. It unfortunately describes itself as an "arresting new comedy" in the trailer. But Samberg as a playful, hipster-ish cop is a delightful choice.

[The Village Voice, image via AP]