While rich baby North West may never get any treats, she could soon be in possession of her very own private island with a custom-built amusement park. According to Australian tabloid New Idea, Kim Kardashian has been eyeing Turtle Island off the coast of Queensland while promoting her new perfume Down Under.

The Daily Mail explains:

[Kim] will most likely name her sanctuary the Isle Kardashian...the island already boasts luxurious views of the Great Barrier Reef and exclusive privacy perfect for a famous star.

According to Private Islands Online, the island worth $5 million AUD and spanning 9.4 hectares is "fit for a movie star or recluse celebrity."

With already a state-of-the-art three bedroom house, the island still has space for Kim's theme park plans, with New Idea reporting a water slide and ferris wheel are key attractions the socialite is hoping to build for her 17-month-old daughter North West.

A water slide AND a ferris wheel? Christmas is coming early for this baby.

While Kim hasn't confirmed that she's buying a private island to build some kind of Neverland for a child who barely walks, let's look at this family's history. Kim did create an amusement park for North's first birthday, called "Kidchella." The Coachella-style party probably cost one gagillion USD, so 5 million "Australian dollars" is nothing.

Maybe we will all get to visit Isle Kardashian one day.

[Photo via Getty]